Lips quivering, mind spinning

Just surprised

—your thoughts on paper, your songs all cued

I’m surprised, I lose my words


I put on masks, I build sturdy walls

I am not the girl one’s meant to save

But I am stark naked, bold and brave

And now, you break me, tear me as if I am naïve


I take the role despite this sad reprise

That is no longer  a play, to my demise

I should have known, they say I wasn’t wise

I am shattered behind curtains, you do not hear my cries


There the crowd awaits to see

If I break down or move on that easy

Looks like the joke is on me

You don’t care, you will not care what I’d be


We are so used to the spotlight

But in the dark, I show you all of me

We are so used to the spotlight

But when curtains close, you have all of me

We are so used to the spotlight

But for you, I choose to bare what spectators don’t see


I do not need the drama or the fancy lines

I do not need you to say the perfect rhymes

I only need you to look at me like you used to

Waiting in the wing, so foolish, I need you


But there you go, back in the spotlight

There you go, the fanfare you excite

There you go, in that old monotone;

In that spotlight where I don’t belong.#